Types of Coaching

There is a type of coaching for everyone, whether you are still studying, established in your career or looking to make a change in your personal life.

Personal Coaching

If you are looking to make a change in your personal life, whether it is health, mindset, organisation or relationships, coaching can help. Sometimes all you need is to gain the clarity of what you actually want and then you can starting working towards that goal, knowing you’ve got someone on your team to support you and hold you accountable.

Study Coaching

In study coaching, students focus on what they want to achieve and outline the critical steps needed to get there. Most importantly, the goal setting and action plan is driven by the student. The coach assists, inspires and provides accountability but never tells the student what to do. The ownership that comes with this is the most powerful tool that the student gains from the sessions.

Workplace Coaching

Working together in a team for a unifying goal can be challenging and workplace coaching can be an incredible tool to help get cohesion in the workplace. Coaching can help leaders to focus on what they really want their team to achieve, and for the team members to find what drives them to want to contribute.

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